class times

The weekly schedule in year one is 21 hours and increases during the four years of primary school up to 26-27 hours for the children of the 4th school year.

The daily schedule is as follows:

Frühförderung07.30 Uhr - 07.55 Uhr
Frühaufsicht07.45 Uhr - 07.55 Uhr
1. Unterrichtsstunde07.55 Uhr - 08.40 Uhr
2. Unterrichtsstunde08.40 Uhr - 09.25 Uhr
1. Pause09.25 Uhr - 09.55 Uhr
3. Unterrichtsstunde09.55 Uhr - 10.40 Uhr
4. Unterrichtsstunde10.40 Uhr - 11.25 Uhr
2. Pause11.25 Uhr - 11.40 Uhr
5. Unterrichtsstunde11.40 Uhr - 12.25 Uhr
6. Unterrichtsstunde12.30 Uhr - 13.15 Uhr

The children receive fresh fruits at breakfast time. In the schoolyard the children spend the break. They can borrow toys from the Playhouse or play on the playground. When it is raining, the children spend the break in their classroom.

On Friday the swimming lessons for children of class 2 take place in the 5th and 6th lesson.

Every 2 weeks on Wednesdays in the 1st lesson for children classes the 3rd and 4th in the changing cycle the service in St.Martin takes place.