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Parents cafe

The parents cafe takes place every Thursday from 08.00 am to 09.30 in the dinig room of the OGS. This is an opportunity for all parents, who all are invited to participate. All parents are always welcome. Here, together with the school social worker, the head of the OGS and a teacher in a comfortable round time, they have to get together and exchange ideas.

Parent counselling

Counseling between the parents’ home and the school begins before the child enters the school. During the registration interview it is clarified whether and in what form a preschool funding is useful and necessary to enable the child to start a good school.

The parent-teacher-day, which are held every six months, are used to provide individual advice on the performance, general development and the promotion of the child. Parent-teacher-day take place in the first half year in May (for all grades) and in the second semester in November (classes 1 to 3). Within one week, all teachers as well as educational staff will be available for talks on a “core day”. A further day is set by the class teacher within this week.

The Parent’s Day for class 4 on the transition to secondary schools takes place in November.

In each school year there are two exchanges on the pedagogical and organizational matters concerning the class. The teaching and pedagogical focus and guidelines are presented.

Within the context of funding conferences, which are to be understood as a professional discussion group, decisions and binding arrangements are made to achieve the best possible support for the pupil. Particularly in cases of learning or behavior difficulties a conference takes place. In addition to the class teachers, the special education teacher, the parents, the school management and, if necessary, other persons are invited to the consultation.

In addition to school counseling, a visit to a counseling center or a pediatrician may also be indicated. For these and other questions, the school social worker Mrs. Heine is at the side of the parents.

If the school and / or the parents consider necessary, personal meeting, rooms are agreed upon. These can be arranged by appointment in the weekly consultation hours of the teachers. Discourse notes or protocols, which are taken to the student’s dossier, are produced via the consultation discussions.

The school also regularly organizes consultations on the transition from the day care center to the primary school and from the primary school to the secondary schools in the form of information events.

The willingness and the initiative to advise the child’s well-being are obligatory for teachers and parents.